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Luxe Quality is a leading quality assurance and testing service provider, helping businesses succeed by creating a quality product. Our commitment lies in minimizing the risk of bugs, reducing fixing costs, increase competitiveness, engaging target audiences, and cultivating a base of regular users of your application.

About Luxe Quality experience in facts & numbers:
— 175+ Projects: Demonstrating our vast experience and adaptability across multifaceted ventures.
— 5 Rating on Clutch: Acknowledgment of our commitment to excellence, as endorsed by our clientele.
— 70% Long-term Contracts: Testament to our ability to forge enduring and fruitful partnerships.
— 90% Iterative Contracts: Reflecting our agility and responsiveness in adapting to evolving project needs.

Our core goal is to minimize release errors and catch bugs before users see them.

Software QA and testing services we provide:
— Quality Assurance Architecture (setup, maintenance)
— Manual Testing (e.g. acceptance, regression, smoke)
— Test Automation (e.g. E2E, regression, smoke)
— Test Documentation Management (test plan, strategy, cases, checklists, etc.)
— Autotest Code Review
— Quality Assurance Audit

— Web
— Mobile
— Desktop

From early startups to support of the finished product, we have participated in projects from various industries: Fintech, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Marketplace, Marketing, Software Development, Business Solutions, SaaS, Insurance, Real estate and EdTech. And we’re always seeking new experiences in new areas.

Our strength lies in our team — a synergy of expertise, experience, and innovation:
— 80+ Employees: A dynamic workforce comprising 30% seniors, 50% middles, and 20% juniors.
— 3 Years Average Employee Tenure: Demonstrating our commitment to nurturing and retaining top talent.
— Customized learning system and regular professional development: We prioritize staying at the forefront of automation technologies.

Use our experience to achieve your goals!

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