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Darina Pedachenko, Project Manager

I worked at LRL as a Project Coordinator, and it was a stressful 4 months.

Initially, everything seemed quite promising, and there was a significant workload even from the first month. After successfully completing my probationary period of 3 months things started to get kind of foggy. It seemed normal that the company would call an employee even after hours, accuse them of everything and subject them to rude treatment for 20 minutes and sometimes longer. In my case, it looked like they were expecting things from me that they themselves had no idea about. Today they wanted one thing, tomorrow another. It felt like the company had 7 Fridays in the week.
The processes were practically not set up, there was no clear understanding of who was responsible for what. Whoever was free, did the work, and this seemed unprofessional to me.

During 4 months of my work in the company several employees were fired, which is not normal for a company of ~50 people. And even after I left, according to former coworkers, the layoffs continued as if it was a regular occurrence.

Unfortunately, changing staff won’t solve all the problems. There is a need to work on processes and establish healthy communication within the company.

The positive, as with many companies, is that the team was great. I felt comfortable working with the developers, designers, and artists. Thank you guys for making my work life more bearable.

For better or worse, I do not recommend this company.


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Dear Darina,

We highly value your feedback regarding your role as a Project Coordinator at LRL. We genuinely regret to learn about the difficulties you encountered during your tenure.

It’s imperative to acknowledge that our field of work can indeed present its share of challenges, often accompanied by a certain level of stress. We truly take to heart the concerns you’ve brought up, particularly with regards to communication outside regular working hours, especially given that our team operates across various time zones. Additionally, we are dedicated to clarifying any uncertainties in role responsibilities.

We are grateful for your positive remarks about the team, as this is of the greatest value to us. We are unwavering in our commitment to maintaining a constructive and supportive work environment.

Your insights are invaluable to us, and we extend our best wishes to you in all your future endeavors.