Welcome to Fivewalls! We are a cozy team based in Kharkiv.

In Fivewalls, we cherish the peace of mind and rational productivity ‒ no rush, no negative emotions. And it’s not just a fancy word ‒ we cover psychologist visits for our employees, emotionally support them and make sure they get the personal and professional growth they need.

If you share our values, you’d make an ace part of our team.

We celebrate:

1) Consciousness. Our employees act responsibly around boundaries ‒ both their own and of their colleagues. Not coming to work sick, not being ignorant to others’ struggles ‒ self-care and emotional maturity are in our handbooks.
2) Trust. Everyone within our team trusts each other, meaning we stay true to our words. No hidden policies, no last-moment emergency notices ‒ in Fivewalls, communication, and trust are in priority.
3) Teamwork. We consider ourselves a family, and greeting each other, wishing well, and celebrating birthdays are definitely among those things families do.
4) Initiative. Sharing ideas and being vocal in your opinions on projects is cool. The best things are born from good brainstorming sessions, and every voice here matters.

Are we on the same page here? Great! You’ll definitely like what’s in store for your professional and personal growth:

-individual development plan (IDP) ‒ every employee has a mentor that helps them with achieving these milestones and get the best experience possible;
-regular code reviews for Juniors and on-demand code reviews for Middle and Senior specialists;
-demo-days, where we meet to chat conveniently, share our news, and inspire each other.

So, if you’re looking for a super-friendly team, healthy working environment, and a flexible schedule ‒ you’ve found the right place to send your CV.

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