LiveArt works as a web2print product and service company. We provide online product design component and custom development services for decoration industry companies. The supported products involve t-shirts, letterings, signs, decals, phone cases and many other products. We rely heavily on HTML5 stack involving SVG and TS/JS for the codebase.
1 июля 2019

Middle/Senior Front-end JS Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев $2500–4000

Необходимые навыки

Beware of bullsh*t bingo words below ;). We expect you to have at least 3+ years full-time on these. The more you have experience with the better we like you!
— OOP and related understanding GoF patterns; Experience in using at least 4-5 patterns you can explain or show examples on your github projects;
— Data processing: SVG DOM, JSON;
— Languages: TS and JS (ES2016). Most of our stuff heavily uses TS so operating it on a good level a must.
— Techs: SVG, RxJS, test frameworks;
— Tools: a strong command of git (git-flow, no ff merges, merge requests, gitlab process), npm, webpack, docker;
— Good command of KISS, YAGNI and DRY principles. If you are using at least something from SOLID, that’ll be good as well.

Soft skills and expertise:
— Nice and open person. Really. Be ready to openly communicate your progress, implementation roadmap, and failures.
— Readiness to assess, estimate and time track tasks implementation accurately.
— Intermediate+ written English. We talk with our clients a lot, share info and try to be as transparent as possible. You have to be in tune with us to succeed.
— Be a team player, supportive and responsible.
— Be able to understand all project stakeholders, communicate and collaborate openly.
— Execute a high level of responsibility for personal results;

Будет плюсом

It would be a plus if you suffice some of these.
— Bachelor or master degree in computer science;
— Strong tech writing skills. Ability to compose a comprehensive report, getting started doc or comment the code for effective knowledge sharing.
— Techs: any UI framework (React/Redux/Saga, Vue, KnockoutJS), NodeJS; REST, JSON processing;
— Understanding of basic UI/UX concepts;
— Sweet if you know NodeJS, Loopback, or hapi.js. Some of our projects rely on these;
— Practices: building backend apps with REST API, unit and e2e testing, semantic versioning;


We are a micro team of five people that shares transparency, effectiveness, initiative, and innovation values. If you are up to these, here is what we offer:
— Challenging projects (read toil, tears, and sweat) and environment to grow fast professionally;
— Competitive compensation depending on your level (and we want you to be good and happy) with quarterly performance reviews with career planning;
— Flexible full-time working schedule;
— Ability to work on our flagship product and its customization for end users;
— Adequate and listening entirely tech-savvy management;
— Comfy office space near Kontraktova Square in Illinsky Business Center. Coffee, fruits, cookies and all sorts of that.
— Occasional meetups, quest team building, attending sport (basketball), participation in NewtonIdeas yearly corporate event;
— Communication and sharing experience with our bigger team and other units from NewtonIdeas;


— Jump into our largest custom projects and deliver excellent results in them: explore, estimate, develop, and deploy.
— Working with new customer requirements and requests;
— Take part in the development of our core products — LiveArt Designer Component and its integrations;
— Be ready to build a goal-oriented squad around you;
— Develop well-structured, testable and documented code;

О проекте

You will be primarily working as an assisting developer to our JS Team Lead for one of our most important customers. The project will be to support a fork of our designer component (uses TS core, Snap.SVG and KnockoutJS for VM [planned Vue or React refactoring] —​lease/LAJS100/iframe.html

You are to board the project into current or planned sprints and be ready to carry out development as well as assist with the standard support issues we encounter. Depending on your interest and expertise, we are working together to get you the best fitting projects and things to do. Our other projects involve tech stacks with VueJS mostly or React with .NET Core or LoopbackJS backend.