Livatek is a Danish company that provides unfair advantage in business to technology companies in Nordic and Central Europe. The unfair advantage comes from access to a team of professionals that allows clients to deliver software products faster and in the best quality.
12 ноября 2020

Senior (Middle) Node.js Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

• You speak English good and you are proficient in JavaScript and will be a plus any other programming languages;
• You know your way around our Tech-Stack (e.g. Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB);
• You have experience in API Design;
• You have a high standard of code quality and fix broken windows immediately so that we will never have to deal with legacy code;
• A strong commitment to writing tests and/or TDD practices;
• You are familiar with Scrum or other agile frameworks;
• Looking forward to provide technical mentorship to other members of the engineering team;
• Ability to grasp new technologies quickly. We are always working to improve our current implementations and solutions.

Будет плюсом

• Common web security concepts;
• Design of Software Architecture;
• AWS or other major cloud service (e.g. Google Cloud);
• Microservices;
• Message Queues (e.g. RabbitMQ);
• Serverless Computing / Function as a Service (e.g. Lambda).


• Only interesting and challenging project;
• Clients who are ready and willing to listen to YOUR ideas;
• Open management and friendly dynamic team;
• Competitive salary;
• Business trips;
• English classes;
• Health and life insurance;
• Time for professional development and access to needed resources;
• Providing and support in visiting different professional conferences in Europe;
• Practical location and productive environment;
• Make it win-win for you and the company.


• You will build rock solid API endpoints;
• You will write Database queries that withstand even peak request times;
• You will write unit and integration tests;
• You will take responsibility for major parts of the code base;
• You will become an active, leading member of SCRUM team;
• You will rigorously refactor to keep the code base simple and elegant.

О проекте

Company size: around 55 people.
Company locations: Hamburg, Amsterdam and Kiev.
Development team size: In general, 16 people. In Hamburg 11 people including one QA Engineer and DevOps; in Amsterdam 3 developers; in Kiev 2 Senior Node.js Developers.
Development methodology: Scrum.
1-st stage: interview with the recruiter (around 30 minutes);
2-nd stage: technical interview with team members (around 1 hour);
3-rd stage: Coding challenge;
4-th stage: final interview with CTO (around 2 hours), discussing the solution of the coding challenge and get to know communication.

Working with us you can expect for:
• Direct communication with a client.
• Work-life balance. No overtimes.
• Trainings and conferences in which YOU are interested.
• Beer brewing.
• An opportunity to gain knowledge and add value to ambitious foreign client projects.
• To grow, learn, make a difference — and to have fun!
• To work in a friendly, democratic and transparent company.
• We place high value on building trust, respect and long relationship with our colleagues.

About Client
Our client it is a company from Hamburg founded 4 years ago. It is a digital content exchange platform for the fashion industry. They work with fashion brands and retailers enabling the exchange of marketing material, product photos, and product data via their online platform or via direct integration with the retailer’s software systems.
Based in Hamburg, Germany, they work with local and international brands and retailers, consolidating and structuring the content of fashion brands, making it easily available for download and use by retailers in their digital strategies.
Their API handles many terabytes of traffic and millions of requests every week! In order to stay highly performance amidst ever-growing demand, their Express.js API and MongoDB data model need to be carefully designed with scalability in mind. They need you to take their application architecture to a whole new level to help them deliver exciting new features to their customers.
Your job will be contributing to the growth of their company by implementing new features, improve the code quality and help them to remove any friction that might come up and help them keeping work a happy place. Since they are using JavaScript on the front-end as well as the back-end, you are free to contribute to the entire code base if you want. Thanks to some great tools, like CircleCI and AWS you won’t have to worry much about the annoying stuff like deploying code, this is all automated. Just push a new feature to GitHub and the rest is taken care of. Apart from adding new features, you will also write tests and give your input about important company decisions.
They use a few helpful tools to make communication and work easier (slack, etc.). They switched their organizational structure to cross-functional teams divided per product. You’d belong to one product team, working together with account managers and a product manager.

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