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Київ, Львів, Aarhus (Denmark)

17 червня 2022 11:22

Sofia Orydoroha, Junior Operations Manager в Livatek

It’s been more than a year since I started working at Livatek. So far, it was an awesome work experience for me.
The company is Danish itself and has European values — flat hierarchy, flexibility, employee orientation and many others. I especially like the concept of “freedom with responsibility” — basically, you’re not being controlled, but you’re responsible to deliver your tasks successfully and on time.
Livatek cares about its employees as well as their family and supports them during the war.

I’d like to highlight the things that I’ve noticed during my work at Livatek that were especially memorable and important to me:
— many opportunities to grow (and regular Performance reviews)
— complete understanding of working students — like me :) - allowing to successfully combine both work and study
— flexibility combined with already mentioned “freedom with responsibility”
— cozy office with a great location (a couple of minutes from the metro station)
— fun events and thoughtful presents

I would definitely recommend working here :)

Підтримали:  Bogodar Shmyglyk Anastasia Frolova


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