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Київ, Львів, Aarhus (Denmark)

12 травня 2022 14:24

Catherine Volodigina

I work at the company for almost a year. Firstly, Livatek helped me with relocation from Belarus to Kyiv, and then to Poland after the start of the events.

I’m just infinitely glad that I found my company and met such cool people. Danish CEO Jesper is a man of great heart and now he helps Ukraine a lot. I admire how a Danish man can love Ukraine so much!

The company has a cozy warm atmosphere. During last 2 months support from Livatek has been constantly felt, in the current situation it is incredibly valuable. I miss our offline events, but we are having a good time online as well now.

Better and more than me, this article will tell about Jesper and the company:​/dane-about-ukrainian-it

Підтримали:  Bogodar Shmyglyk Anastasia Frolova


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