18 марта 21:22

Olga Stepanova

I have been working for LimTC for the past 3 years. My current position as a team lead for one our largest projects.
I am absolutely love the working conditions that LimTC provides, both before and during the pandemic.
Since the company isn’t large, everyone is like family to one another, celebrating all employees successes and life events.
All employees are equipped with everything they need in order to hit and overachieve their monthly goals and KPIs.
HR has an amazing, personal and confidential approach to each employee.
Employees are welcome and encouraged to propose new ideas and suggestions.
Great location, cozy office, nice Xbox room and sweets are a nice bonus.
Management is clear and understanding during these tough pandemic times and do everything to help all those working for LimTC.
I highly recommend the company to anyone out there searching for new opportunities.

Поддержали:  Victoria Tkach DAVID MARTIN


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