26 июня 2020 18:29

Ahmed Amin, Marketing Manager в LimTC

When i joined LimTC and worked for them for a while, i regret that i haven’t been one of the core team members who started in 2017!

A review is just a review for an outsider to know the feedback from an employee in the inside, but whatever i would say still wouldn’t explain how it works. LimTC is not just a company its a family, a group of talented people leaded by the management team speeding on the path of success.

When i joined the team, I joined in a role that wasn’t my field and i worked hard to deliver what i promised them, however things din’t go well and if it was like any company out there they would have asked me to leave, but instead they have realized that they hired me for the wrong position and that im talented in a different field so they allocated me to a different department and then realized that i perform extremely well over there. These people care for their employees, they unify themselves at all time and you will be surprised of how friendly the management team is with their team. I mean the care, respect, understanding, etc.. are now not happening in many companies. The team is friendly, unified, respectful and professional in what they do. Yes their client is their first priority but their employees are their main priority. The HR team who called me up are really friendly and helpful they did help me with personal matters like advise on what to do to get my documents done, referred me and even the management team kept on guiding me and everyday they follow-up on the progress.
What does an employee need? 1) fair compensation 2) career growth 3) flexible management 4) respect and loyalty 5) Working conditions, arent these the rating of Dou, let me tell you that they have it all but in addition they are something much greater but dou missed to add it FAMILY!!

Поддержали:  anton mironov Olga Rozumnuik


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