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4 вересня 2023

Operations Manager (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

Required skills
— Self-Management. The ability to effectively manage oneself is crucial in this role. It entails being organized, prioritizing tasks, and demonstrating high accountability and responsibility;
— Operations Management. Proficiency in coordinating and overseeing operational processes Project Management;
— Ability to manage tasks, track progress, and ensure teams meet deadlines and project goals;
— Analytical Skills. Capability to analyze project progress, identify bottlenecks, and propose effective solutions for improvement;
— Process Improvement. Experience in identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to enhance efficiency and quality;
— Strategic Planning. Aptitude for working with the management team to set strategic goals and translate them into actionable operational plans;
— Leadership and Communication. Strong leadership skills to enforce company policies, coordinate with team members, and communicate effectively with stakeholders;
— Metrics and Reporting. Proficiency in monitoring and reporting key operational metrics to management for informed decision-making;
— Adaptability and Problem-solving. Capacity to adapt to changing situations, address challenges, and find solutions in a dynamic work environment;
— Upper-intermediate English.

Nice to have
— Experience with Pipedrive;
— Experience with ClickUp.

As an Operations Manager at Limestone Digital, your main responsibility is to ensure the smooth operation of various processes that contribute to our services’ production, like internal and external:
— coordinate and oversee the company’s operational processes, ensuring high-quality delivery of solutions and requests;
— manage task registration and execution, ensuring every team is on track and following their schedules;
— enforce company policies and procedures within the organization, and manage any non-compliance professionally;
— coordinate with project managers to understand project progress, identify any bottlenecks, and implement solutions for improvement;
— develop and implement process improvements to increase efficiency and quality;
— work with the management team to set strategic goals and turn them in to actionable operational plans;
— liaise with HR to hire and train staff as required, ensuring they understand and ad here to company policies and standards;
— monitor and report key operational metrics to the management team.

About our company

We are an international team of software development professionals with headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. We help businesses of any size to achieve their goal by delivering efficient, scalable, and affordable solutions for WEB and mobile platforms. We can extend existing teams, deliver MVPs, build prototypes, and deliver complete solutions.