The World is Digital. We Deliver It. Limelight Networks Ukraine is a comfortable hub for creative minds to develop and deliver solutions and services with a unique approach. Launched in L’viv in 2010 our R&D center has qualitatively grown to 75 enthusiasts working on cutting edge technologies.
6 августа 2019

Senior Software Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

● 3+ years’ experience with development of production applications in C/C++
● Understanding and experience with multithreading and filesystems
● Familiarity with TCP/IP stack
● Good experience with UNIX (Linux/FreeBSD) as well as epoll, kqueue; async I/O

Будет плюсом

● Familiarity with LLVM
● Knowledge of RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka
● Should be a good team player
● Capable and willing to learn new technologies
● Should be a self-motivated and passionate about solving problems


● 20 working days of vacation annually + Christmas holidays
● Paid lunches/fruits, snacks etc at the office
● Paid English classes
● Trainings, certificates
● Sport activities reimbursement
● Health insurance


We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who is passionate about writing software that is ran globally at big scale and tackling different technical and algorithmic challenges.
Your responsibilities will include:
designing and implementing reliable systems that can process massive data sets;
leveraging massive data streaming, MongoDB, Apache Kafka, Hadoop YARN and other state of the art systems to build cutting edge tools.
In particular, Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for set of applications for collecting, initial processing and reliable delivery of data to centralized infrastructure.

О проекте

EdgeQuery is a Limelight Fundamental Technology for Billing, Near Real-Time Analytics, Reporting, QoS, etc. belonging to Big Data domain.
The Technology process terabytes (aprx. 200 TB!) of data a day and enables Limelight to offer best Real-Time Analytics for our customers.
EdgeQuery provides infrastructure for collecting and handling access logs from all over LLNW CDN.
We run it globally, we develop it in Lviv. So welcome to our Ukraine LLNW team!