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LEVI9 TECHNOLOGY SERVICES is one of the leading nearshore IT service providers with Delivery Centres in Eastern Europe and Head Office in Amsterdam.

We develop IT solutions together with our customers. IT solutions that generate a competitive advantage. Our services are not only a collection of technologies and activities. The real difference is made by how we do it. Always together.
We support customers in their R&D process, we define software architectures, develop software, test and maintain systems and applications. We develop in a smart way. We focus on effectivity through the right functionality and on efficiency through proven technology, open source solutions and 3rd party services.

Nobody makes an impact alone Technology, businesses, people, it’s all dynamic. When complexity, speed and change come together only a great team can handle the challenge.
We love that challenge, especially the technology part of it. But above all we love doing it together. We embrace diversity, adopt agility and conduct discipline. We deliver fast, fit for purpose and as an integral part of our customer’s operation.

Innovation makes us smile.

Still, working at Levi9 Kyiv or Lviv means not only to be challenged but also to have fun! Everyone here works incredibly hard and we make sure to balance this with joyful social activities inside and outside the office.

You did not find a vacancy for you, but there are still 999 reasons for you to apply at Levi9 Ukraine. Follow the link to create your dream job!


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YouTube: goo.gl/lyScMU

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