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At Letyshops we believe that everything has its benefit: your CV, your university degree and even online purchases.

Having found it in online shopping, we created a cashback service and now are returning some part of the money spent on purchases to our users. We name it the “Shopper’s Easter Egg” and almost 9 million people call it “cashback”.

LetyShops is a Ukrainian company from Vinnytsia. And we are used to bringing benefit not only to our users but also to our hometown and country. Our employees are onboarded according to all the rules and receive “white” salaries.

In our list of 5 years achievements we have more than 20 countries and the team of 200+ ordinary but not simple-minded people, united around our product. Everyone has the right to make a mistake and to get colleagues`support in order to correct this mistake. Everyone can see the whole system, but not just a single process. We trust each other and are confident in the professionalism of the people nearby.

Every day we work with benefits: we generate ideas, analyze, run tests, launch, experiment. And we do it according to the principle of cross-functionality. You can meet developers who share marketing ideas or designers who can help with analytics.

This is a cross-functional approach — the work in one information field and with focus on an overall result. Thanks to such type of management, we are improving our skills and doing little more than just “own part of the work”.

We appreciate sincerity and honesty, take care of everyone, so that the work brings not only pleasure but also benefit.

Visit us at www.letyshops.com or at the following addresses: Kyiv, Olena Teliha 6B and Vinnytsia, 35A Yunost Ave.

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