Have you ever heard about Lemon.io before? If you have, here’s what it probably was: 1. “Their website and brand are just so freaking cool. Check it out: lemon.io/ 2. “I love their CEO’s Twitter! They’re completely transparent and share everything, including actual numbers.” 3. “I know several developers who work with Lemon.io.
11 серпня 2022

Talent Matcher (вакансія неактивна)


Hey! I’m Katya, Recruiter at Lemon.io :) Our company is growing really fast and now we are looking for more people to join our team. Guess your first question is — what are you actually doing, guys?

Lemon.io is a marketplace of vetted offshore engineers. Our main goal is to connect developers with customers & projects that fit their specific needs and qualifications.

The talent matching team ensures smooth and fast project allocation by analyzing roles and project requirements, building relationships, and staying in touch with the developers in Lemon.io Community.

The role requires full-time engagement only.

How does it work?

Vetted developers and small teams of developers (whom we call Partners) join our network after passing several vetting stages and form our database of vetted developers. At the same time, we have a consistent flow of potential projects from our Sales team.

Your main task as a Talent Matcher will be to match a developer from our network with the most suitable project provided by the sales team, taking into account the developer’s tech stack, availability, and previous work experience. This requires intensive coordination with different parties (developers, partner agencies, Sales team), negotiation skills, attention to detail, strong English, and, to a certain extent, technical knowledge. Usually, you will need to look for 2 or 3 developers simultaneously, so you should be great at multitasking.

What your professional growth will look like?

In 6 months you’ll:

  • Find out how startups work and learn best practices of remote teamwork.
  • Be fluent with popular business tools like Hubspot, Jira, Slack and various others.
  • Be able to tell the difference between Java and Javascript and count all popular frameworks and development tools faster than an alphabet :)
  • The first 20 developers will start working on their dream projects thanks to your work.
  • Develop your negotiation skills and basics of communication strategies, as well as your business English skills.

In 1 year you’ll:

  • Finish your first project that will affect the work of the Talent Acquisition department
  • Join the talent matching mentoring team.
  • Start your work on shaping talent matching processes and take part in creating new strategies or
  • Dive into the partnership development process with Partner teams or
  • Start your work on building rapport strategies with Lemon.io vetted engineers.
  • Be a pro in cross-team communication, constantly working with sales, marketing and development department.
  • Learn how to collect and work with statistics and analytics.


You can be good at this job if you are:

  • Curious to learn more about startups and IT technologies
  • Have a basic understanding of the software development process and the most popular programming languages
  • Easy to get along with people, enjoy effective and up to the point communication.
  • A fast learner, a self-starter, and well organized.
  • Good at multitasking.
  • Fluent in both English and Ukrainian.

Will be a plus:

  • Flex, AIESEC or any other similar experience.
  • Experience in IT recruitment or technical support.
  • Experience working in startups.


We offer:

  • Competitive salary in USD.
  • Remote work.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • 28 working days vacation and 7 days sick leave a year.
  • Annual bonuses to spend on sport, self-development and travelling.
  • Monthly bonus to help maintain your home office.
  • Startup culture with open communication.
  • You will be one of 63 employees who can directly influence the future of the company.