Have you ever heard about Lemon.io before? If you have, here’s what it probably was: 1. “Their website and brand are just so freaking cool. Check it out: lemon.io/ 2. “I love their CEO’s Twitter! They’re completely transparent and share everything, including actual numbers.” 3. “I know several developers who work with Lemon.io.
26 квітня 2022

Junior Recruiter

Київ, віддалено

Hello there!

My name is Inna and I am Talent Acquisition Recruiting lead at lemon.io.

Last year our business grew x3 times, and the team — x2. Our objective was to become an unstoppable machine, and we feel like we succeeded.

Once the war has started, we continue working and opened 18 more new countries for freelancers to cover all the requests from our customers. All the profit after paying salaries we send to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We already have a wonderful team of recruiters and sourcers. There are 8 of us, but there is soo much potential in what we do that we want and must grow. And we look for you, Junior Recruiter, to join our team and help us to hire even more freelancers.

Here is some context: our team works with developers who want to join our platform to find some really cool startups and become freelancers. Most of them learn about our website because of our extremely creative activities and because of word of a mouth. Just imagine: the developers are already motivated to join! Your task is to conduct a pleasant screening call, check their English and discuss the technical background, then send them on a technical interview, perform some online onboarding tasks, and the best part: watch our matching team find a perfect project for your candidates!

We have our internal CRM system which we improve constantly so that all the routine tasks are automated. For us, it is important to devote time to learning as a team of recruiters and as individuals.

This position is for you if you:

  • have excellent communication skills,
  • are self-organized and can maintain numerous communication tracks,
  • have an Advanced level of English,
  • ready to learn. Like, a lot!
  • have a natural curiosity about people, business and the world :)

We would love you to have experience or at least basic knowledge of recruitment, how to conduct interviews and understanding of the software development lifecycle.

Last but not least. Here is what you get at lemon.io:

  • healthy working environment,
  • full remote work,
  • annual bonuses for things that matter to us: self-development, sports, traveling,
  • monthly bonus for your home office,
  • flexible working hours,
  • 28 working days for time-off and annual vacation bonus,
  • 7 days of sick leave,
  • quarterly team events,
  • pride to be a part of viral content generators :)

And, of course, you’ll get our perfect hoodie;)

We would appreciate you sending a short cover letter to let us know why you want to join. Hope to hear from you soon!