Have you ever heard about Lemon.io before?

If you have, here’s what it probably was:

1. “Their website and brand are just so freaking cool. Check it out: lemon.io/
2. “I love their CEO’s Twitter! They’re completely transparent and share everything, including actual numbers.”
3. “I know several developers who work with Lemon.io. All of them said that Lemon.io’s team is amazing and the clients they’ve been connected with are the best they’ve ever had.”
4. “I read an article about them on Forbes.”
5. “My friend works at Lemon.io and they’re really chill. Their team is fully remote and a lot of team members work from different cities and even countries, but they make sure they also get to have offline events & people come from all over the world.”
6. “Their business model is cool. They connect devs with American startups for full-time projects. Their rates for developers are above the market average and they have a zero-fee policy for programmers.”
7. They’ve paid out more than $8 000 000 to Ukrainian developers to date, brewed over 3000 bottles of craft beer to celebrate that occasion, and just gave it all out to the IT community for free.

And if you haven’t heard of us yet... well, now you have :)

What people may not know about us is that we’re also one of the few Ukrainian companies that are in the startup game for real. We play on the global market competing with giant international corporations.

It’s not an easy game, but if you’re fast & eager, not a single Goliath stands a chance against you.

We try our best to keep our team small and only hire the best talent we can’t live without.
Thanks to that, we can make sure that:

1. You will forget about bureaucracy and micromanagement
2. You will have a direct impact on what’s going on. Not just on paper.
3. You will have plenty of room to grow.

Oh, and one more thing:

As a part of our team, you will compete against the smartest professionals in your field on a global scale. And outsmarting them? Oh, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

If that sounds like a story you want to be a part of, take a look at our current job openings and learn more about what we offer👇

— complete transparency,
— full remote (but we gladly meet each quarter),
— competitive salary in USD,
— bonuses for things we believe in: sport, self-development, travel,
— monthly bonus for your home office,
— flexible working hours (or even days!),
— 28 working days for time-off,
— 7 sick leave days,
— pride to be a part of viral content generators :)

Tools that we use to synchronize: Slack, G Suite products, Notion, JIRA.

We will be happy to see you among the applicants if you feel like wearing a Lemon.io hoodie. If there is no open vacancy, that is matching your profile, you can still get to our talents database by sending your CV to [email protected]