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Киев, Луцк, Лондон (Великобритания)

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We are a legal technology startup currently housed within one of the world’s most prestigious law firms. We develop technology that reinvents the way lawyers work, increasing their operational efficiency by automating and structuring legal tasks. We provide beautiful user interfaces to lawyers and their clients to give them great insight into the status of their legal transactions. The work is technologically exciting, challenging and frequently changing.

On the technology side we are moving from an old technology stack of Drupal and jQuery to a new stack using React JS and likely node.js. We make extensive use of Amazon Web Services, including S3 and lambda functions. Examples of software we have created include our core legal content management system, custom PHP and jQuery for analysing and extracting information from Word documents, a serverless (AWS Lambda functions) word document analysis microservice and custom encryption key providers that run on EC2 instances. We push the boundaries of the technology we work with and develop quickly, making our projects exciting for developers to work on.