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We are a small fully remote outsourcing software development company with 25+ team members. The CEO and sales office are in Atlanta, GA, United States. Most team members are in Ukraine.

We’ve been in existence for 10 years.

Our mission is to help people build software at the speed of their thought. For that, we evangelize for technologies and approaches in software development that reduce time and budget and increase outcome of software development projects.

As an example, we have a business branch for no-code / low-code software development that allows building software either completely without or with very little code writing. Read more about low-code here: en.wikipedia.org/...​code_development_platform.

We value:

— quality specifications by business analysts that help developers do their job
— user friendly UI design by designers
— efficient solutions by developers
— well structured, easily readable and maintainable source code by developers
— unit testing by developers
— responsibility for testing their own work by developers
— transparency, respect and friendliness by all team members