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The founders of LeadsMarket.com LLC started their journey together in the direct marketing industry over a decade ago. The team is now the Number One marketplace for affiliates and lenders in the small dollar consumer loan sector.

LeadsMarket.com has a competitive advantage over other aggregators and networks because of our in-house, proprietary software called LeadBrain®. The LeadBrain software has unparalleled capabilities that help us provide affiliates with the highest payouts per-lead in the industry, and helps lenders get lower cost-per-funded loans and higher lead-to-funded conversion rates.

LeadsMarket.com is a lead aggregator, not an CPA network. All lead offers available to affiliates are owned and operated by LeadsMarket.com.

Our core values are partnership, honesty, and the implementation of cutting edge technology.

We work with affiliates and lenders as if they were our direct partners, not just vendors and advertisers. We believe in a win-win-win approach. When affiliates win, lenders win, and that’s how we win. The success of our affiliates and lenders is as important to us as our own success.

LeadBrain is truly on the cutting edge of marketing technology. None of our competitors even come close to matching its feature set and speed. But we haven’t stopped there. We continuously work on improving and advancing LeadBrain’s capabilities.

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