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16 января 2021

Front-End / Flutter Developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Necessary skills:

* 2 year development experience
* 0.5 flutter development experience
* Experience with React/Redux
* Experience with flutter state patterns Provider/BLoC
* Experience dart language features

Будет плюсом

As Plus:
* Experience with Typescript
* Experience with native mobile development (ios or android)


We offer:

Ability to work remotely
Flexible working hours
Competitive and timely salaries
New and interesting projects

О проекте

About the project:
Development of a new smart solution in the field of cargo transportation. Automated system for road haulage between cities. The service provides the services of a digital transport broker, expeditionary company in a mobile phone or tablet. This is a new and modern approach to cargo delivery; there are no similar systems in Ukraine.

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