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10 квітня 2023

Scrum Master/Project manager (вакансія неактивна)


We are currently looking for an experienced Scrum Master to join our US-headquartered international IT company.


— Understanding the concept of scaling agile and practicing it as a part of a team of teams.
— Knowledgeable in Agile, Scrum and preferably scaling frameworks
— Experienced in relevant positions where Agile, Scrum approaches were used
— English — Upper-intermediate


— Standups: The team reports in #daily-standup every morning, follow up on blockers and reaches out across teams to coordinate work and resolve blockers.

— Make sure all resources accomplish all the committed stories within the sprint.

— Retros: Take detailed notes, especially on improvement suggestions and provide the list to directors to review. Every quarter a meeting should be held for the directors to review these suggestions.

-Enforce standards and practices:

— Always drive resources to proper communication channels for assistance (story comment and #maestro-operations)

— Responses during the standup should be in the form of story ids, not “Working on fixing html” (as an example).

— Devs and other resources must estimate stories assigned to them before entering a sprint.

— Ask questions and get answers, don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.

— Bugs being reported via Slack or JIRA should have enough technical details for the team to reproduce and solve the issue:

— Screenshots w/ URLs in the browser

— Any client side (javascript) errors in the browser’s console

— Actions taken leading up to the error.

— Ability to plan releases to our various environments:

— Gathering stories and working with BAs, DEV, QA to coordinate releases.

— Set meetings / calendar events

We offer:

— Competitive salary
— Official employment, paid sick leave, 20 days of paid vacation
— Free English lessons
— Flexible work schedule
— Official Ukrainian holidays are non-working days
— Paid courses and certifications
— Сoach / psychologist consultation
— Workshops
— Career development plan
— Mentoring Education

About the project:

Project is a uniquely configurable cloud-based platform is designed to guide and reinforce behaviors that drive results; mobilize employees; strategically align individuals with company values and objectives; and solve an organization’s ever-changing business issues.The system’s Activity Streams and Leaderboard allow users to see how they compare alongside others in the organization, which helps businesses create a culture of recognition where individuals feel more connected to the company and their coworkers through Manager Discretionary, Peer-to-Peer, Service Anniversary & Milestones and Sales Incentive Programs