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Харків, Чернівці, Нью-Йорк (США)

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  • 27 листопада 2023
    Data Entry specialist віддалено
    About the project  Currently, the envisioned project is an application designed for patient management within hospital and nursing home networks in the United States, along with billing and insurance functionalities.
  • 13 листопада 2023
    .Net Engineer Харків, Чернівці, віддалено
    The project is targeting USA healthcare industry and provides business workflow of healthcare billing organization. It is distributed system, which contains WinForms applicaion, Web API services, Windows services.
  • 10 листопада 2023
    About the project: Currently, we are spearheading a project for an IT digital transformation firm with a longstanding commitment to addressing the technological requirements of Non-Profits, Biotech, Biomed, and other Healthcare IT companies, spanning a successful tenure of...