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Langate Software is an award-winning provider of web development services in 3 main categories: business, healthcare, and education. We closely work with both big enterprises and high-tech startups to grow their business worldwide. Our portfolio includes the largest projects in the field of healthcare with more than 2 million users that we set up in collaboration with Microsoft Corp.
Plus, we successfully launched a brand-new product for healthcare facilities supervised by the U.S. Department of Health.

Our team is located in 2 modern R&D centers — New York, USA and Kharkiv, UA with our headquarters being in New York. Since the very beginning in 1996, Langate brought together great minds and talents who are passionate about the latest technology trends. Our professional engineers are experts in the .NET stack which helps them create high quality applications.Don’t miss the chance to work with a well-established company using up-to-date tools!

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