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LANARS is an international hardware & software development company. We are a painless innovations provider, focused on diving deep into each project and creating custom IT solutions to help businesses be in time for tomorrow.

We create the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, mobile applications, websites, CRM & ERP systems, and custom enterprise solutions. LANARS was established in 2016 and has headquarters in Oslo (Norway), Dnipro (Ukraine). We operate mainly in the markets of Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Belgium, etc.), and in North America as well.

Technologies that we use:

Backend JavaScript/NodeJS: ExpressJS, FeathersJS, Hapi.JS, Socket.IO, NextJS
Backend Python: Django, Flask, Tornado
Frontend JavaScript: Angular 2+, React

Flutter: Dart
Android: Kotlin, Java
iOS: Swift, Objective-C

Embedded Technologies:
— PCB design
— MCU firmware
— Programming Languages: C, C++ (QT5, boost), Python, Lua

VCS: Git
Hosting providers: AWS, Hetzner
Virtualization technologies: Vagrant, Docker
Bug-tracking software: Jira
Team collaboration software: Confluence

LANARS is a people-centric company.

Our team is the source of value. We are a dedicated and experienced squad of professionals in various fields. We appreciate each other’s expertise, build strong partnership relations, and care deeply about our work. Each of us is a unique instrument, but together — we’re an orchestra. As a team, we put our hearts and souls into the work we do.

More information about our everyday life you can find here:

We are always looking for smart, passionate, and curious people to join our #LANARSteam (by the way, by this hashtag you can find out more about us on social networks).

It might be a challenging adventure, but at the same time, it could become one of the most fascinating highlights in your career.
Join us!

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