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Lampa Software is a company that has been successfully working in the field of IT for 8 years and provides services for the development of mobile applications, web platforms, applications for Smart TV and other services.

Our business model is based on the traditional model in IT — sphere — decentralized network, where each project has its own team of people dedicated for software development.
We use only the most relevant up-to-day methods and technologies. The full communication between the client, project manager, designer and developers allows us to choose optimal solutions for the development during the concept phase and the technical assignment creation.

We’re developing such project for business:
— Android and iOS applications
— REACT web platforms
— OTT services and Smart TV
— Loyalty programs
— Chats and social services
— Delivery and taxi services
— Platforms for online consulting
and our clients are located in Israel, Central Asia, US, Europe and the CIS.

We are developing 20+ software solutions every year.
Our projects reached more than 12 000 000 downloads altogether.

Our team has more than 40 employees, and this number is increasing
If you are interested in working with a team like us, feel free to contact me.

Lampa — the comfy place to work at ;)

Tatyana Rekalo
[email protected]

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