KSTT is a hi-tech product company and a major service development center in the sphere of global dealing. KSTT offers a one-stop-shop-solution without the one-product- fits-all mentality. Our key business areas are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system development for global dealing platforms supported in over 20 languages.
15 июня 2021

Senior Java Developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

• 4+ years of experience with Java/J2EE server side development
• Experience with designing and implementing large scale, production, multi-module systems and services
• Knowledge of Java basic concepts: GC, multithreading, locking and synchronization.
• Experience with web technologies and frameworks
• Familiarity with Linux based development.
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related technical fields
• Experience working with enterprise data repositories like SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL
• Experience developing REST APIs and/or intergating with them
• Familiarity with build and CI frameworks — Maven, Jenkins
• Understanding of Agile development methodology
• Solid experience with unit and integration testing
• At least intermediate level of English

О проекте

The Team:
You will become part of a small dedicated team of six software engineers that work on the back bone of the infrastructure. We control the full technology stack and stay ultra-agile even though demands on precision and performance of our solutions are high. You will spec, design and implement your own solutions. You will also write automated tests and support our solutions as they go live. In short you will be involved in the full lifecycle of our solutions and together we assume full responsibility for our product.

Our system is distributed with a high degree of concurrency, so you are proficient in concurrent programming. You probably have long experience with Java or similar technologies, but your interests go far beyond just regular software development. Maybe you have talent for optimizing code or fine tuning garbage collection or analysing performance data? Perhaps you know details of different network protocols or low level OS stuff like IPC or thread scheduling. You might be interested in hardware or know details about CPU architectures. Possibly you just miss technical challenges in your current position? Our system is real time and we have high requirements on throughput and latency, which means we need to understand our execution environment in great detail.