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You’ve landed on the Kraken Leads page, and we want to tell you a little more about us.
Our team creates and develops our SEO brands.
Kraken Leads is a team that specializes in attracting and monetizing traffic in a fairly competitive niche, namely the entertainment industry. Our guys have created more than a thousand projects and do not stop their development and support. Work on each of them takes place in several stages: from the initial research in our R&D, strategy development, testing, and step-by-step implementation with constant analysis of the effectiveness of the actions taken. Supported by the serious expertise of the development team, our SEO professionals bring projects of the highest complexity to the TOP-3 (and you can do it if you join us).

The Kraken Leads team has a high level of expertise, so we are willing to share our knowledge and practical experience. Each of our specialists has the opportunity for career development and growth within the company. And regardless of our level of knowledge of each of us, we are all constantly working to become even better!

Kraken Leads values are a solid foundation on which all our work, growth, and development are based, as well as our employees!
We contribute in every possible way to the development of each of our employees and encourage initiatives. We try to create those working conditions where our employees can feel a little more than just at work. We work for a common result, and we understand the responsibility and role of each of us.

If you are looking for new opportunities and if freedom of action on work projects and a comfortable, supportive environment are important, join Kraken Leads soon!

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