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Hey! We’re KnubiSoft, your technology solutions provider. Established in 2012, KnubiSoft specializes in developing top-class software and creating unique, cutting-edge products. With a talented team of 100+ experienced professionals and expertise in 15+ domains, we know how to transform and drive businesses to new heights.

Our services are designed to cater to diverse industries and unleash the business’s true potential.

— IT Consulting. We unravel the mysteries of the tech world and help companies navigate the digital landscape like a pro.
— UI/UX Design. Our design solutions make users go ‘wow’ with engaging interfaces that are as stunning as they are user-friendly.
— Business Analysis. We’re like Sherlock Holmes but for business. Our in-depth analysis uncovers hidden opportunities and addresses key business requirements, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.
— Custom Software Development. We tailor-make software masterpieces that fit companies like a glove.
— MVP Development. Our rapid prototyping brings ideas to life in record time, validating concepts and minimizing time to market.
— System Redesign & Legacy Systems Modernization. We don’t let outdated systems hold companies back. We transform the tech landscape for enhanced performance and limitless scalability.
— Software Maintenance & Support. Our reliable support and maintenance services keep the software running like a well-oiled machine, ensuring longevity and peace of mind.
— Quality Assurance. We help deliver products that shine. Our comprehensive testing process leaves no stone unturned, ensuring the final products are of the highest quality.
— Team Augmentation. We arm companies with skilled professionals. Our talented pool of experts is ready to join forces anytime.

Our Tech Expertise

At KnubiSoft, we live and breathe technology. Our expert team leverages the latest tech stack to develop pioneering solutions that accelerate business growth, enhance performance metrics, and generate greater revenue. We rock the tech world with our in-house expertise in React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Vue, and Python. And we are always ready to conquer any web development challenge that comes our way.

Empowering Efficient and Comprehensive Automated Testing

Testlum, an automated testing solution by KnubiSoft, is not an ordinary testing tool; it’s a game-changer that empowers companies to test like a pro, without writing a single line of code. With Testlum, we’ve cracked the code to make testing accessible and efficient for everyone, from tech gurus to testing rookies.

What sets Testlum apart from the rest? It’s our unified approach that simplifies the entire testing process. Forget about learning multiple tools or customizing scenarios for different types of testing. With Testlum, one script rules them all.

Here’s the best part: Testlum eliminates the need for coding, even for API and database testing. While others are buried in code, you’ll be breezing through your testing journey with ease.

No more struggling with separate libraries or tools. Testlum brings everything you need right to your fingertips. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive commands make creating full-fledged scripts and automated tests a walk in the park. Even if you have basic knowledge of XML, you’re all set to dive into the world of comprehensive testing.

Our Location

With offices in the UK, US, Ukraine, and Poland, we have a global reach that enables us to serve clients from around the world. Our strategically located offices allow us to provide seamless communication, efficient project management, and timely support.
In Ukraine, we have offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. These offices are designed to provide a cozy and comfortable working environment for our team members. Equipped with state-of-the-art generators and StarLinks connectivity, we ensure uninterrupted operations and efficient collaboration.

Ready to embark on a tech adventure with us? Reach out to us and let’s make magic happen together!

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