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1 лютого 2023

Product Manager (вакансія неактивна)


We are looking for a motivated and responsible Product Manager with 1+ years of experience to join the Tonti Laguna Mobile team.
If you are passionate about analyzing user behavior, implementing ideas that solve problems and convert them into financial results — we will be glad to talk to you!

Why should you work with us?

✔️We develop various products: from healthy food trackers to AR tools, from astrological to educational products. They bring real value to people.

✔️We regularly research the market and look for new niches, so any member of the team has the opportunity to offer their ideas both about the implementation of any feature in an existing product and initiate the creation of a completely new application from scratch!

✔️We are constantly trying to work with the latest technologies and make our own decisions about the stack and architecture.

✔️We have a team of professionals in their fields, and we have already created a good environment for those professionals to share their experiences.

✔️We are looking for creative people who can come up with ingenious ideas for the team to use to advance the product.

✔️Unlike a bureaucracy, we are flexible and make decisions in a timely manner.

Tonti Laguna Mobile products are used by millions of people all over the world from the USA to Singapore.

We have:
✔️50 people in the company;
✔️20 applications;
✔️20 million users.

Hard skills required for the position:

✔️At least 1 year of experience in a similar position.
✔️Ability to work with product analytics systems: to analyze the funnel, evaluate the results of A/B tests and find a correlation with monetization metrics.
✔️Experience with mobile products.
✔️Ability to describe user flow structurally and clearly for the development team.
✔️Ability to make decisions based on quantitative and qualitative analysis.
✔️ We are looking for English proficiency at B2+ or higher level.

Nice to have:

✔️Analytical background/marketing/finance.
✔️Completion of the Skillsetter course.

Job responsibilities include:

✔️Analysis of product and marketing metrics of the application.
✔️Analysis of the market, competitors, and trends.
✔️Interviews with users, and conclusions for creating new hypotheses.
✔️Formation of hypotheses and conducting A/B tests to improve product and business performance.
✔️Setting tasks for the development team.
✔️Assessment of the impact of product functionality on the overall financial performance of the company.

We offer the following benefits:

✔️Salary based on the results of the interview.
✔️Flexible schedule.
✔️Ability to work completely remotely.
✔️37 business days of paid leave, which can be spent on vacation, sick leave, public holidays, and generally at your own discretion.
✔️We can reimburse you for 50% of the cost of studying at courses, training, and webinars.
✔️We have also developed community and networking possibilities for an enhanced sharing experience.
✔️We reimburse 50% of the cost of English classes.
✔️50% coverage of health insurance, as well as 50% of the costs of psychotherapy, dental care, and sports.
✔️Twice a year, we host large-scale corporate events, attended by more than 800 employees from different countries. And together with the Tonti Laguna Mobile team, we go to Odesa for a week-long hackathon every summer, where we work on new products and relax together. We will resume these traditions as soon as it is possible and safe for everyone.
✔️We provide convenient equipment regardless of the format of work.

Interviewing process:

✅ An intro with a recruiter ➜ ✅ A technical Interview ➜ ✅ An Offer

Tonti Laguna Mobile is part of the Netpeak Group. Currently, about 20% of the Netpeak Group team is involved in various initiatives to counter russian propaganda. Some of them are in cooperation with our partners, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the cyber police. There are several volunteer projects in which we participate: content creation, advertising on social networks, promotion of Ukrainian products, and humanitarian aid. The NGO “Moye Misto” — which is part of the Netpeak Group — together with volunteers, is currently engaged in maintaining animal shelters, as well as purchasing necessary items for some units of the Armed Forces.