Keymakr is a fast growing company that takes part in developing cutting edge technology based on Computer Vision AI. Our client list consists of large scale enterprises as well as innovative startups. Keymakr has offices located in Ukraine, Canada, US, and Israel. We are hiring!!
7 вересня 2023

IT DevOps (вакансія неактивна)

віддалено $500–600

Required skills

  • Practical industrial experience in Python (at least 1 year)
  • Experience with any Python web frameworks(Flask/Django/FastAPI)
  • Basic knowledge and practical experience in Linux systems and linux command line;
  • Basic knowledge in networking
    • Understanding IP addresses, ports, TCP, UDP, ping, and NAT.
    • Knowledge of the HTTP protocol and its functionality.
    • Acquaintance with traceroute and its operations (Advantage)
    • Acquaintance with iptables (Advantage)
    • Acquaintance with netcat (Advantage)
  • Technical english (B1 and above)
  • Practical experience in Java / C# / PHP / C++ / C (Advantage)
  • Understanding Frontend (CSS, HTML, JS)
  • Experience with frontend frameworks such as Angular, Bootstrap, React (Advantage)
  • Experience with Docker (Advantage)
  • Experience with working with 3rd party APIs (Advantage)
  • Experience with Google Apps (Advantage)
  • Experience with Google API (Advantage)
  • Experience with AWS API/CLI (Advantage)

Scope of work

Development and support of company infrastructure app & tools which includes writing end to end internal services, supporting existing services, conversion and storing of data of various formats (json, xml, csv), process automation using APIs , researching and configuring 3rd party software and their integration into company processes and general IT support, technical communication with clients.