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Our specializes in all aspects of training data sets preparation services for Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning Models — Image & Video. Our in-house R&D team develops the tool while taking input from our professional annotators making their job that much faster and easier.
26 декабря 2019

Senior QA Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

4+ years of experience in manual testing;
Familiarity with Linux-based operating systems — must have;
Experience with virtual machines (KVM/VirtualBox/etc) — must have;
Experience with databases. Some SQL database is a must, mongodb is nice to have;
Establishing all the required policies and processes within the company to ensure high-quality application — must have;
An ability to integrate QA/testing into all the processes, starting from product specs;
Strong knowledge of project management methodologies, reporting, planning software development activities;
Familiarity with JIRA or other issue tracking systems;
Experience with AWS/GCS/Azure;
Experience with docker or other containers;
Background in product management and/or team management is an advantage;
Experience in writing test plans and test reports, in English in particular.

Будет плюсом

Basic knowledge of shell and/or python scripting is a good thing to have;
Familiarity with Selenium and similar tools is nice to have.


PE accounting and support;
24 paid vacation days per year;
100% paid sick leaves;
Competitive salary;
English lessons;
Opportunities for professional development and personal growth;
Corporate events, holiday celebrations, team building activities.

О проекте

We guarantee the highest quality training data for your AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.
We take care of all aspects of Data Set Preparation, Annotation and Labeling for video, and images.
We stick to a personalized approach, where we provide a tailored solution for each of our clients.
Our brilliant in-house R&D team is personalizing the annotation tools for each client, based on the needs, therefore, we can successfully tackle even the most complicated requirements the client might have.
Use cases: Self driving cars, Facial Recognition & Security, Medical Annotations, Drones, Robotics, & any industry you can think about.

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