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4 березня 2022

Information Security Analyst (вакансія неактивна)


As the business is growing so is the effort required to design, implement, execute, review and refine security practices throughout the organisation.

Documentation, third party auditing and certification are important work areas as they allow our organisation to continuously improve and they provide our global customer base assurance that our company and our service can be trusted to look after the most important data of our customers.

As an Information Security Engineer your main areas of work will be assisting the existing team with:

  1. Maintaining risk management processes within ISMS
  2. Supporting in development and maintaining relevant documentation
  3. Maintaining of ISMS
  4. Implement relevant Risk’s controls in cooperation with internal teams within all functions
  5. Involvement in preparation and passing audits
  6. Processing of customer`s request

You need to have a good understanding of information security in general and a reasonably strong technical foundation to understand the threats, risks and mitigation that can apply to building and operating a cloud service trusted to hold the data of customers across the planet.

You are able to find, read and understand regulatory and legal texts and compare our solution and our security posture to requirements in such texts. Such comparisons can form the basis for changes in product, processes or contracts with customers.

You understand the difference between “risk management” and “risk avoidance”.

You have sufficient technical insight to read and understand the Turing Award paper “Reflections on Trusting Trust” and you can see how this is relevant in a broader setting in today connected world.

Desired skills are:

  • At least one year of experience or degree in cybersecurity
  • Effective communication skills (oral and written) at all levels of the organization in Ukrainian and English
  • Ability to systematize data and offer effective solutions in conditions of limited time
  • Practical knowledge of git and LaTeX
  • Understanding of Risk Analyze and Compliance approach
  • Sufficient technical foundation to understand larger internet-based systems
  • Responsibility, stress resilience and emotional stability
  • Ability to work in a friendly team
  • Understanding of ISO standards
  • Good knowledge of Project/Product IT lifecycle
  • At least Upper-intermediate level of English.

Bonus skills are:

  • Experience bridging policy and implementation
  • Understanding of penetration testing based on OWASP top 10
  • Good understanding of Linux systems
  • Even more attention to detail

We are looking for a dedicated individual with potential — industry experience is a big plus.