Keepit is a global software company specializing in cloud SaaS backup and recovery. With 20+ years of experience in building best-in-class data protection, Keepit is innovating the way to protect and secure cloud data at scale. Originating in Denmark, Keepit has offices in Copenhagen and Lviv, Ukraine, along with satellite offices around the world.
23 грудня 2021

Middle C++ Developer (вакансія неактивна)


Необхідні навички

Required skills:
— Good modern C++ understanding
— Good understanding of TCP, HTTP, RESTful APIs and XML
— Used to working on and coding for Linux systems
— General SQL understanding

Soft skills:
— You need to be able to work in a team of developers
— You must have a reasonable level of verbal and written English
— We welcome dialogue, critical thinking and new ideas — we encourage people to share their thoughts and encourage constructive dialogue

Буде плюсом

Desired skills:
— Working knowledge of Common Lisp (sbcl, emacs, slime)
— GNU Make, clang, gdb, lldb, gprof, perf, valgrind, git, ... the tools of the trade
— Knowledge of Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, Dynamics, Salesforce, GSuite


We offer:
— An exciting and challenging job in a successful business. Our culture is characterized by a positive tone, commitment and result-oriented professionalism, heavily influenced by excitement for what we do
— Unique working environment where your opinion matters
— Competitive salary
— Career and professional growth
— Long-term employment with 20 working-days paid vacation, health insurance and other social benefits

If all above describes you, Keepit hopes to have you as our new team member to help us grow in the direction that sustains Keepit’s culture of many different talents and nationalities within an informal and trusting environment.

We kindly ask you not to provide us with any sensitive categories of personal data when applying for a job with us.


We love C++ and we believe in using the language to create the components that serve our needs the best, now and in the future. Therefore we write most components ourselves using mainly the core language and the STL. If you like to write code that does what it should and does it well, and you like to know that your code is serving an ever-growing customer base for years into the future, Keepit may just be the spot for you!

Про проект

Keepit is a cloud-to-cloud backup service provider. The purpose of our platform is to provide our customers with an immutable historical archive of their primary data in systems such as Microsoft 365, GCloud, Salesforce and Dynamics, to protect them from everything from ransomware to simple accidents.

At Keepit, we like to keep it simple. We like to think “less is more”. We are one of the leading cloud data protection platforms in a very rapidly growing market and we can see that customers like what we do. We are looking for more colleagues to help us do even more.

The Keepit platform is a set of networked services working in concert; we have a strong emphasis on performance and reliability and this influences how we approach development and how we write our code.

The majority of our backend components are written in clean modern C++ using mainly purpose-built components and the STL. Several components that deal with business processes and data mining are built using the Common Lisp.

Everything runs on Linux. It runs on our servers that are run by our people. Our service operates from datacenter locations in Washington, Sydney, Copenhagen, and London — but we are a growing organization and more regions will come.

At Keepit the developer will contribute significantly to project specifications since deep technology understanding matters when we decide how to solve a problem.

At Keepit we write code to last, since taking the time to do it right is faster than having to do things over.

At Keepit developers will write test cases for their code, since if we can’t prove to ourselves that code works there is little chance to impress QA.

Our approach to the development itself is ambitious and bold. We have developed components and systems that most organisations do not, which is securing us a solid lead in this rapidly expanding market of cloud to cloud backup. Backing up billions of objects over foreign APIs using imperfect networks on systems with finite memory and making it all happen in as little time as possible, is no small feat. We built the object store that holds these data too by the way. And we built every system in between and around as well. If you think solving hard problems is fun, we have strong indications that we will not run out of hard problems any time soon. Come join us for the fun!