Kanini Software Solutions Ukraine

200...800 спеціалістів
Київ, Нашвілл (США), Ченнаї (Індія)

Kanini is a Software development services firm headquartered in Nashville, TN, USA having development center in India and recently expanded to Ukraine.
We have our own product: fielda.com.
We also help our customers in their Digital Transformation journey in the areas of Cloud Computing, AI & Data Analytics, Product Engineering, Automation, IoT, and Custom Solutions.
Currently, we have:
550+ people in India
60+ people in the USA
30+ people in Ukraine

Why would you want to work for us?

1. We are people centric. Soft skills are more important than Hard skills. Our managers have high level of Emotional Intelligence and care about you as a personality.
2. We use cutting edge technologies and are a niche player.
3. You grow as we grow. We encourage people to constantly learn, teach others and increase value of the world around.
4. Work/life balance is not only something we say, we do respect our employees’ private time.
5. Our managers have higher than average EQ.
6. Your feedback is always welcome, we learn from mistakes and can transform within one night.