KaaIoT Technologies

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KaaIoT is the company behind the popular Kaa IoT Platform. It has been in broad use in nearly all major digitalized industries, and has been highly acclaimed in media and among IoT technology observers. Now we stand at the new milestone for our IoT product line while also expanding our expertise in emerging, cutting-edge technology.

Innovative IoT technologies
Contribution to the product success
Unlimited career opportunities
Modern office downtown
Great compensation package
Large, quiet terrace with peaceful view
Agile and open-minded culture
Assigned parking spot
Leadership skills development
Flexible working hours
Ongoing trainings and meetups

We build our product team on the principles of agile development methodologies. We use Scrum to help us react to changing market demands in minimum time while sustaining high quality.
Many of our teams have been already restructured into so-called “cross-functional teams” according to the best practices of agile development. This allows each team member to actively participate in the entire product lifecycle — from creating an initial idea to delivering the final solution to end-users. This also ensures an explosive growth for each team member’s skills in multiple technology domains.
To promote continuous improvement in their areas of expertise, our teams use cross-project Agile Guilds by analogy with Spotify. Guild members conduct thematic meetings by sharing knowledge and discussing problems in such broad areas as Backend, Frontend, QA, DevOps, or more specific ones, such as Blockchain or Java. Everyone is free to start a new guild and invite people with similar interests.

We work with leading-edge technologies and concepts that allow you to stay relevant in the modern world and are fun to work with. Among them are microservices, distributed systems, virtualization and orchestration, NoSQL, stream processing, infrastructure as code, latest tools and frameworks, and more. We value out-of-the-box creativity, experimentation, and proactive, future-looking attitude. At KaaIoT, you will keep your finger on the pulse of the latest innovation.

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