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7 травня 2024

Product Analyst

Львів, Ужгород, віддалено

About Us

We are a San Francisco based company founded in 2003. Our mission is simple: we help people. We have democratized professional services by connecting customers with verified and vetted Experts who provide reliable answers at any hour and on any budget. JustAnswer members enjoy round-the-clock access to 12,000+ doctors, lawyers, tech support, mechanics, vets, home repair pros, and more. In the last 20 years, we have helped 22 million customers in 196 countries by answering more than 25 million questions.

As a Product Analyst at JustAnswer, you will have the opportunity to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Chatbot Strategy driving long-term growth and working on incorporating the newest technologies like LLM.

About The Role

In this role, you will drive tangible business impact by delivering high-quality insights and recommendations that are grounded in your ability to combine strategic thinking and problem-solving with detailed analysis. This position offers a unique opportunity to collaborate closely with Product Managers and cross-functional teams, uncovering valuable business insights, devising optimization strategies, and validating them through experiments.

What You’ll Do

  • Collaborate with Product and Analytics leaders to conduct in-depth analyses and deliver actionable insights that drive tangible business impact.
  • Dive into vast amounts of internal and external data to identify growth and optimization opportunities for the business.
  • Package and communicate your findings and recommendations to a wide audience, including senior leadership.
  • Perform both Descriptive and Prescriptive Analytics, including advanced modeling techniques like NLP and Text mining.
  • Lead experiments (AB, MAB) and build reports to track trends and inform decision-making.
  • Shape growth strategies from marketing and operational standpoints, operating as a lead analyst to understand our audience and guide strategic decisions.

What We’re Looking For

  • 5+ years of experience (e-commerce, customer experience, and app-related products would be preferable)
  • Proficiency in analysis and business modeling using Excel
  • Experience with Google Analytics, BigQuery, Google Ads, PowerBI, and Python / R would be a plus
  • Strong SQL skills, with the ability to write complex queries and extract valuable insights.
  • Expertise in Descriptive and Inferential Statistical Analysis, coupled with experience in setting up and driving A/B Testing or Hypothesis Testing.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to translate analysis results into actionable business recommendations.
  • English proficiency (from upper-intermediate strong).

Perks and Benefits

  • Time off throughout the year (paid and unpaid)
  • Professional development support and encouragement
  • Resources to help improve your overall well-being
  • Free membership to dive into JA product