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Companies that don’t have the ability to hire enough in-house developers due to financial, time or HR constraints, would love to outsource some development but are not always prepared to go through trial and error processes to sort through the millions of online freelancers, in order to find the ones who can provide high quality work and communication. In addition, they may not have the resources to properly screen candidates or communicate requirements in order to ensure the work gets done, or track the effort while it is in-progress. Many companies who attempt outsourcing on their own have to go through many revisions in order for the work to be done properly, and still there can be bugs or omissions that make the process frustrating and ultimately, not cost-effective. Finally, some outsourcing companies may provide competitive pricing but fail to invest the required time and attention to fully understand their needs. Worst of all, companies may experience pressure by an outsourced team to scrap large amounts of existing software as "out-dated"​ and "beyond repair"​ when in fact it could be salvaged for lower cost than a full rewrite. We’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars by working to maximize their already-invested funds, improving their existing software so that it functions more efficiently and with fewer bugs. We make outsourcing more accessible to our clients by leveraging our significant experience in finding and maintaining skilled developers. We are able to apply our deep experience in the areas of: 1) identifying the best developers, 2) robust interviewing process, 3) engagement in client work with high effectiveness productivity, 4) building of long-term relationships with our clients as we work together on highly visible, sensitive or valuable projects, 5) proactively identifying issues that come up along the way, and stepping in to resolve them so that time/money is not lost.

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