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Jooble — is a Ukrainian IT company which operates in 71 countries. Company’s product is a job search website with more than 90M monthly users.

According to SimilarWeb, Jooble is the second most visited employment website in the world, and it is among 500 top visited websites globally.
Jooble is a remote-first company. We believe that talented people can create cool projects no matter where they are. Company’s headquarters are located in Kyiv. Offices in Kyiv, Uzhgorod and Lutsk are available for employees to visit at any time they want.
Currently, there are 590 professionals in our team who communicate in 25 different languages.

About career path possibilities in our company

In case you have additional questions — there is a chatbot on this website
We also have a Telegram bot for those who prefer to use their phones — @jooblecandidate_bot.
And also a bot for Viber — @jooblecandidate_bot.
Corporate email of our Talent manager —

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