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Established in 2009, JEVERA provides high-end business solutions and software engineering services. JEVERA employs 80 and more IT professionals at two technical development centers in Ukraine. JEVERA propagates engineering approach to key business drivers, instead of concentrating only on technical cases. Company builds relationship with clients as trusted partners worldwide by delivery of high-end enterprise solutions, products creation and development, going deeply into startup technology partnership. Lean and Agile processes and methodologies together with productive work environment help to know how to make a business case alive together with sustainable life-cycle for a product.
Our mission is to make business sustainable success by providing not only technical solutions, but also understanding of business values. We provide software product development and support services using several technology stacks, agile and lean software processes. But the most valuable thing about us is that we have a capacity to develop products according to the best vision of the business ideas.
Saying about partnership we mean our readiness to listen and to understand a business case. Having open constructive discussion we can enrich innovation with knowledge and experience how well-performing IT solution should be made.
We’re working not only for wages and rates but for bringing new capabilities, for realizing potential of each team member. We are looking for common trust and common values starting from team members to key decision makers.

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