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During a small talk, we asked our colleague, what she thinks about JEVERA in general, what she likes, and what should be improved. We’ve received quite a deep answer that inspired us to update the company’s description based on her words.

That’s what she said:

“JEVERA Software Solutions is about high-quality products, challenging projects, and some heart that employees have been putting into for over 10 years. I was fortunate to become one of 100 professionals who evolve by solving complex issues and enjoy the lack of micromanagement.

You can find our people everywhere: in Ukraine, Poland, Cyprus, Canada, and the U.S.

Our mission is to help retail and telecom companies to develop complex systems, perform a digital transformation and build a sustainable business future. Our mission is to consider the vision of every team member, trusting experience, and supporting engagement.

In JEVERA, you will find interaction at all levels, transparent processes, and people ready to help. Here reigns a family atmosphere and employee-oriented management. Inspired by this example, I involuntarily learn how to maintain people’s interest and love for their work.

Such a solid approach applies to everyone, including clients. We’re imbued with the problems of those who need us as their own. Our specialists conduct an in-depth analysis, study each weak point and offer the most suitable solution that can help the clients to achieve their business goals. Therefore, companies worldwide trust us :)

We run long-term projects (1.5 years on average) and often design a few systems for one client, strengthening our cooperation. Joining us, you’ll never think, ‘What will happen if my project ends?’ because there’s always a new one, and the show will go on.

During the development process, our engineers communicate with business owners shoulder to shoulder. Together we create original ideas, apply a modern tech stack, and optimize a development process to achieve desirable results faster.

We believe that ‘a satisfied employee’ means ‘a satisfied client’. As practice shows, it is working. That’s why we are looking for common trust and common values ​​starting from team members to key decision-makers.”