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18 февраля 2021

Python Development Course


Необходимые навыки

Technical background (University/College)
3rd-year student or IT courses graduate
Basic knowledge of programming
At least intermediate English level
Desire to improve your soft and tech skills

Python basic knowledge:
• basic data types

• Mutable vs immutable

• PEP8

• variable swap x, y=y,x, how it works

• Python2 vs Python3 difference

• Context managers

• Iterators

• Generators

• yield keyword

• lambda functions

• global variables (global, local, nonlocal keywords)

• OOP (Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism)

• Decorators

• List comprehension

Refactoring (Concept):

• What Is Refactoring?

• Refactoring Goals.

Basic data structures:

• array

• hash table

• set

• stack

• queue

Understanding of basic algorithms:

• Bubble sort

• Insertion sort

• Selection sort


This course, like all JSP Training Center courses, is absolutely free and aims to prepare future junior developers for their programmer career. After completing the course, the best students stay at the JetSoftPro and continue their professional careers with us.

О проекте

During this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Python programming language. You will work with Flask, Django, Git and other technologies on a real project. You will deep your theory knowledge and will practice it on a real project. The format of the course(online/offline) will be updated depending on the situation with quarantine.

CV Screening (after submitting your CV we will check it for the availability of all required skills)
English test (test will be in your personal account. We will give you access after a successful CV screening stage.)
Technical test (test for basic knowledge of the Python programming language)
Interview in the English language (you will have a short call for checking your speaking English skills)
Interview with a mentor (after successful completing previous stages you will have a short interview with a mentor)


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