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30 листопада 2021 15:25

Nahid Jamalli, Senior Software Developer Team Lead в Confidential

Recently, a friend of mine said he got a job offer from JetSoftPro and wanted to get feedback from me about it. While we’re on the issue, I’ve decided to share my ideas about JetSoftPro and Kortext company with him and other friends.
Starting in July of this year, I was invited to different meetings by JetSoftPro. HR, Technician, Sales Manager etc. After the interviews were held in July and August, I started to work at Kortext at the end of August. I worked on the project for about 2 weeks, I had meetings with the team and so on. After I started work, I decided to leave the project because the situation of the team did not satisfy me at all. By the way, the technologies used by the project and the team were explained to me incorrectly. I was not joined to a project that used the team and technological tools I expected. I left a few days after I decided to leave. However, they didn’t pay me the $2000 they were supposed to pay me after I leave my job. 2000$ amount is not my salary. I also wrote to the CEO(Serhiy Kharytonov) and Legal Counsel(Богдана Квятковська) about this and explained the situation, unfortunately, they did not answer me.
So, what I’m going to say is, a person who respects himself doesn’t work for a company that doesn’t respect employees.

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Dear Nahid,
Jetsoftpro highly appreciates openness and transparency — it indeed remains one of the basic in the system of values of our company. Due to our corporate Code of Ethics and Confidentiality Policy, we cannot afford to demonstrate internal correspondence with our contractors and customers in public domain — it is unacceptable level of communication for our company.
We agree that each job should be paid properly. But each job should be first done properly with appropriate quality, performance and responsibility. It should be done without legal and ethical breaches which are in place here, including even your initial post (that demonstrates negligence of contractual confidentiality obligations), and it is obvious for everyone involved. Company explained you all the problems you personally caused, and it was not a case for many others whom we are working with — just think about it and explain why it happened in your case?
Let me remind that contracting parties have not only rights, but obligations as well. It’s a matter of common knowledge that every client expects high quality services to pay for, and Jetsoftpro as a Vendor holds its best efforts to provide this quality. Currently, all our developers (we are 200+ at the moment) get their payments in time for qualified services.
Your contract termination is a result of improper performance, numbers of complains and, finally, requests to take you off due to improper business behavior, ethical norms breach after first (!!!) week of assignment — just try to explain “why” among many others it was you who caused such problem? The situation resulted in material damages for our company caused by your improper work.
Finally, just to remind you again: according to contractual obligations taken under the NDA and the Contract, our subcontractors are forbidden (under penalties) to disclose the names of the customers, internal correspondence, and other confidential details of our cooperation. And Jetsoftpro shall use all available legal remedies to protect the reputation of its own and of its clients.

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