JeraSoft is a passionate team of engineers focused on development and integration of highly productive Billing Solutions for Telecom (Retail Services, Mobile VoIP, Business Telephony, OTT, Wholesale VoIP and SMS) and IoT/M2M Providers around the world.

JeraSoft is about people, both working here and our family of clients. We take care of everyone on our team. These are the words we live by.

Since 2005 JeraSoft has been putting together key insight and successful billing management practices, combining them with state-of-the-art web and telecom technologies. The result is a powerful platform the Telecom and IoT Providers can use to streamline Billing Processes and add value to their business.

2018 — Winner. The Great User Experience Award
2018 — Winner. AOTMP Telecom Management Industry Award
2018 — Telecoms Awards: Jerasoft is the Best Telecom Billing — Rating and Routing Solution 2018
2018 — JeraSoft Wins the 13th Annual 2018 IT World Award® in Best Products and Services Category
2017 — Top 25 telecommunications solutions providers in 2017, according to the edition of “CIO Review”
2017 — Most Advanced Telecom Solutions Provider (UK) Most Innovative IoT Billing Platform: JeraSoft VCS

Our areas of development include, but not limited to:
— VoIP Billing Solutions
— IoT/M2M
— Calling Card Platforms
— Call Shop Platforms
— VoIP Operators Workflow
— VoIP Routing Solution
— VoIP Rates Analytics Systems