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Who we are?

Playonix logo

Playonix is an IT and marketing services company based in Kyiv, Ukraine.
We specialize in marketing for clients within the online games niche.
With that main idea, we are moving forward to reach our goals, meanwhile
collecting the best professionals and real talents in our team.

In our team we have digital marketing professionals, each who are specialized in their own specific fields as well as some incredibly talented front end, back end and full-stack developers.

We are always in a search of people who are not afraid of challenges, passionate about what they do and ready to become a part of something special.

So, why Playonix?

The most important consideration for us is to create a great product with the support of our teammates who share our main principles:

  • Great respect and honor — with which we treat each of our team members;
  • Aim for excellence — we are working in the team of great professionals and creating high-quality products;
  • Constant developing — we want to constantly make better what we do by developing ourselves as professionals as well as human beings;

If it sounds exiting for you check opportunities with Playonix at our career site.