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Izzy Development is a game development company based in Bangkok, Thailand. Company was founded in 2010 by talented engineers with a desire to create products that change the world. Now we are a team of highly experienced professionals who are successfully delivering various game projects with any level of complexity.
24 августа 2019

PHP Team Lead (вакансия неактивна)

удаленно $5000–10000

Необходимые навыки

1. More than 4 years of PHP development experience, proficient in PHP object-oriented programming;
2. Familiar with LNMP development environment;2, proficient in mysql database development, familiar with SQL index tuning;
3. Familiar with a nosql technology such as memcache or redis;
4. Skilled in using one or more frameworks such as Laravel, Yii, ThinkPHP;
5. Have certain experience in the construction, debugging, troubleshooting, optimization and deployment of system architecture under high load and large traffic;
6. Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, can quickly integrate into the team.


— High salary.
— We are flexible in terms of working hours.
— Remote work.

О проекте

The project is a multiplayer online real-time entertainment platform. You should have large-scale Internet project development experience, have certain product awareness and good team spirit.