IvorySoft — is a Ukrainian tech partner that offers complex IT solutions for businesses and start-ups predominantly for the USA, UK, and Canada markets. We deliver customized web, mobile, and design solutions, that align with our client’s goals.

Our core values🚀:
We treat every project we deliver as our own start-up
🚀Transparency and TeamWork
Being transparent in our company is about building openness, trust, and honesty.
🚀Versatile technical expertise and constant development
Encourage our developers to boost their skills, working with modern TechStack
🚀 Result-oriented
Ready to demonstrate what it’s like to get things done on time and schedule.

Our achievements 🚀:

🤓 Building people-first company culture
🤓 Top-rated Plus on Upwork with 100% job success score
🤓 Building projects from idea to Ycombinator
🤓 50+ successfully finished projects with only positive reviews.
🤓 Partnership with Google and MIT

Reason to join us 🚀:

🎯 Become a part of high-quality projects where you can master the latest technologies and make an impact.
🎯 Working with high-level specialists who always give enormous motivation for the development.
🎯 Super friendly atmosphere where everyone matters.
🎯 No bureaucracy and a lot of opportunities for growth.
🎯 Remote work opportunity and no time tracking — we genuinely trust our colleagues.