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Formed in 2014, ITsyndicate is the combined effort of two Linux System engineers with more than ten years of IT experience. After being actively involved in five startup businesses, in a variety of online industries such as cloud hosting and digital advertising, we’ve decided to put our heads together to help other businesses to get their start. We work with entrepreneurs, webmasters, marketing agencies and people like us. We help them to reach their goals and grow their businesses. We believe small businesses deserve that big support which large corporations take for granted. That’s why we use the most advanced technologies to create fast and stable server infrastructures for our clients at a reduced cost.

Currently we provide remote system administration and DevOps services to over than 400 clients all over the globe with around 4000 servers in total. We have big enterprise projects with advanced support, including complex infrastructure solutions, as well as smaller projects, like online-shops, non-profit organizations, etc.

Among the biggest ones, who we deliver DevOps and sysadmin services to, you can find such ones:
— advertisement marketing — we perform devops services, automation, infrastructure support and use Ansible, ELK stack AWS stack, MySQL, Redis, Hadoop, hbase,
— payment processing — we’re in charge of automation processes, infrastructure support and use Ansible, AWS stack, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL, GlusterFS, AtiveMQ, Kubernetes, etc.
— e-commerce analytics — our role is delivering Devops/system administration services, IT consultations, help for the team of developers, support of the development process, automation of all processes, infrastructure support. Tools & Technologies: AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS SQS, AWS autoscaling, Chef, Python scripting, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, Docker.