3 жовтня 2022 16:51

Nikita Agarkov, Full-Stack Developer в itjet

I’ve been working with itjet since April 2020, and I never expected to get this lucky with a company.

itjet has facilitated my professional and personal growth throughout these 2.5 years. One thing that was constant throughout different periods and challenges is a sense of support. itjet is a people-centered company, and it shows.

I’ve managed to grow from a junior developer with little to no commercial experience to having a wide variety of skills and in-depth knowledge in mobile development. I’ve also been able to grow my client communication skills and I’ve been lucky to work with very special clients that gave me invaluable experience. Currently, I am a Full-Stack Developer, mostly focused on React Native development.

We’ve been through COVID, temporary relocations, and other tough times, and I can’t imagine how we could’ve handled these times any better. Because of that, we’ve turned all our challenges into one of the strongest team-building experiences one can have in an IT company.

Even while our team is growing in numbers, there’s always a sense of comfort and connection between people. Our team is great and the fact that I’ve been able to connect with so many of my co-workers is amazing!

I’m only looking forward to working with itjet more and I wish that my journey with this company continues.


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Yay, thanks, Nikita, for warm words! We are super lucky to work with you together 🤩