30 вересня 2022 18:29

Dmytro Kobylynskiy, Full stack developer в itjet

Hey there!

My journey with itjet started in August 2019, it’s basically when the company were founded.
At beginning we had small team(6 people) with 2-3 projects, but with big passion to grow as team and as engineers personally. During 3 years of work in itjet I’ve had experience with different FE and BE technologies, managed to became really professional in this sphere, because of team with fresh eye on personal development and communication. Another point is that together we passed through the hard times with COVID and full-remote job, different troubles and rushes to deliver products in time, fixing bugs that you cant imagine how to fix and there are no answers in the web. All of these helped build really good working process that gives client confidence in future of product and makes team work comfortable. With itjet I had a trip to US to work closer with client team to deliver a product in time, managed to work and finish more than 5 projects which gave me a lot of expertise in fintech products.

In itjet we have no hierarchy, no bureaucracy and other that can make some barriers in communication and activities. We can play PS, volleyball or poker together, spend nights on talking about different life questions or just party as a young students (I’m 27 years old btw :smile:).

Today is September 2022, we have 39 teammates, a lot of successfully released products and plans. Sounds impressive!
Really proud to know how much we passed together and how much company did for me.

Happy to be a part of the team!


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Happy to go through this story with you, Dima! yeah, we had a lot of stuff to cope with during the journey🙃 and I believe we managed it quite successfully (and we will definitely keep going like this😉)
Thanks for sharing your story!❤️