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If you are reading this text, it means that you are:
— either a manager willing to hire the best tech talents in Ukraine
— or an IT specialist that’s looking for new professional challenges and

It seems I should introduce myself now:
I am Nastya Shafranova, Founder of ITFox.me.
ITFox.me is a team of skilled tech recruiters that helps companies to grow, to find the right people, and also supports IT engineers in choosing the best job. We believe that the right people are an essential part of any successful business. People who share the same values and goals can achieve together much more than those who run in different directions.

To help companies and specialists to find each other, ITFox.me team uses the following approaches:
1. Clear communication: if we don’t understand the company’s needs, we can’t find the right person.
2. Trustful communication: it is the only way to build a long-term relationship with companies and specialists.
3. Using a variety of sourcing channels to find the right person: LinkedIn, DOU, X-Ray, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Behance, Dribbble and more
4. Daily learning and expanding our knowledge about the IT world: a good recruiter knows what’s going on in the tech community and has the same language with IT specialists.
5. Saving the company’s time: ITFox.me team tends to fill positions with a more narrow candidate tunnel by sending only relevant specialists
6. Data-driven recruiting: we collect and analyze different recruitment data to make the process more predictable and provide more correct expectations.
7. Proactivity and teamwork: ITFox.me team has regular brainstorm sessions to generate new ideas, inspire each other, and achieve a synergy effect.

To get more information about ITFox.me, you can connect me directly:
e-mail: anastasya@itfox.me
telegram: @shafranovaa