We are ITernal Group, a reliable and reputable IT company that specializes in complex software solutions, the one company established by merging 3 companies into one single organization in 2019. Every one of our individual companies had a background in different industries and technologies. The oldest of companies was founded in 2004.
3 августа 2021

Middle Vue.js Developer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, Харьков, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

2-3 years of experience JavaScript, HTML, CSS3
• 2 years experience with any framework, and one last year — with Vue
• Experience in frontend unit testing
• Experience with Version Control Systems (GIT)
• Experience with graphic editors (Figma)
• Experience with post or pre-processors SASS/SCSS/PostCSS/Less/Stylus, PostCSS preferred
• Spoken English

Будет плюсом

Knowledge of and experience with:
• Frameworks: NightWatch.js, JEST, Serverless
• Services: AWS
• Libraries: Axios, D3.js , babel, jwt , lodash, eslint
• TDD, Design Patterns, SOLID principles, CSS Animations
Portfolio on Vue JS


• New project and tight collaboration with Product Owner
• Possibility to influence the development process
• Professional growth in environment where you can apply best practices like unit and e2e tests, use modern technologies, and do pair programming
• Business trips to Germany
• Friendly professional staff and warm atmosphere
• Possibility to develop your team and mentor your teammates
• Self-development plans (during 6 months) and regular salary revisions after the trial period (3 months)
• Participation in educational events and thematic conferences (with 70% compensation from the company)
• Flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely
• An atmosphere in which you can realize your ideas
• Team parties and corporate events
• Cozy office


• Deliver new functional modules
• Write tests and testable code
• Participate in manual functional testing
• Make code reviews
• Provide realistic estimations
• Refactor existing codebase
• Offer and design solutions and approaches to solve challenges that appear
• Enjoy team work
• Intensively communicate with client and with the team
• Don’t be afraid of pair programming
• Participate in Scrum events

О проекте

The client we work with is a startup company from Germany which successfully rolled out its MVP in 2014 and continues its growth. Now we’re working on developing a new portal for enterprise customers to manage their IoT device connectivity. The project has already been going for year and a half.
By this moment we’ve developed and launched a customer’s management console, and we’re extending it further with new functionalities.
At the moment, there are 8 devs in the team. All the team members are equal and can influence the team and the project equally. We work in strong collaboration with a product owner from the client side. We all aim to achieve the goals of the project. We tend to create an atmosphere of happy and productive development with self-expression/realization through our work.